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Ramadan Eid Message from Pope

23. June, 2013Islamic Articles, NewsNo comments

Message of Pope Francis to muslims throughout the world for the end of ramadan (‘Id Al-Fitr)… More

Violence Against Wives

27. May, 2012Islamic ArticlesNo comments

1 Introduction

This research paper compares the positions of the current Australian law and Islamic Law in relation to violence against women by men, mainly by their husbands. It is not an uncommon image, amongst many, that all Muslims men are violent and are so as a result of their Islamic faith. It is important to remember that there are many non‑violent and peaceful Muslim men that the courts and the police don’t see. There is no doubt that violence occurs against Muslims women but this is not as a result of the men practising their Islamic faith. It is contrary to the Islamic duties placed upon men in relation to how to treat their wives.

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