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MWNNA in association with Faith and Environment Network creating ecological awareness and care.


Ramadan Greetings 18 Jun, 2015 – 17 Jul, 2015

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Bismillah arRahman arRaheem

To Our Very Dear Brothers and Sisters in Islam

Assalamu Alaykum wa Rahmatullah wa Barakatuh



By the Grace and Mercy of Allah Most High, we have been blessed to see another Ramadan – to feel the joy of this wonderful, special time which

has been celebrated through the Islamic ages.

Although every Ramadan is special, somehow there is something even more special this year – it is the first year, in our memory at least, where those who

go by the moon sighting and those who favour scientific methods are as one!   Indeed, Allah has made it easy for us – praise be to Him for His Mercy.

Insha’Allah may its beauty, its healing power, and its miracle of uniting the Ummah, be witnessed by us all.

Surely none of us knows how long our time upon this Earth may be, whether long or short, this knowledge is with Allah Alone –

How splendid then that we have this time to start afresh.  It does not mean that our trials will not be great, as this era is one of pain,

But with every pain Allah is there to comfort, with every blow He is there to uplift, if we will but call upon Him:

“When My servants ask thee concerning Me, I am indeed close (to them); I listen to the prayer of every supplicant when he calleth upon Me:

Let them also, with a will, Listen to My call, and believe in Me: That they may walk in the right way” Surah Al Baqarah (2) 186.

It is no error that this beautiful Qur’anic promise is within the verses relating to Ramadan – it is very special.

Again – Ramadan Mubarak

Fi Aman Allah


From Ali and Shifa Mustapha Members of Muslim Womens’ National Network of Australia with our congratulations;

our best wishes, duahs for all, and many thanks for the love and kindness so many of you given to us,

May your rewards with Allah be Great

Why Are Regular Breast Screens So Important?

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You are all invited to Parramatta City Library to attend our informative and essential seminar about Breast Cancer. Every woman should attend this session to be aware and alert.

Why Are Regular Breast Screens So Important? Come and hear the answer from our great speaker Mary Prince. Mary will share her knowledge with us on Saturday March 21. More

Ramadan End Celebrations Message from Grand Mufti of Australia

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Statement from the Office of His Eminence The Grand Mufti Of Australia for Ramadan end celebrations 28 July, 2014…. More

Peace Prayer Harmony Day

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St David’s Uniting Church
454 Pacific Hwy (Cnr Provincial Rd), Lindfield, NSW, Australia


Assalaam Alaikum – Peace be upon you


“Bismillah Hir Rahmani Raheem.

Allahumma antassalam wa minkassalam wa alaika yarjessalam, hayyena rabbana bissalame wa’adkhilna darassalame tabarakta rabbana wa ta’alaita ya zaljalal-i-walikkram”.Ameen


In the name of God, the beneficent the merciful.

O Allah! You are Peace personified; you are the source of Peace for all other creatures; Peace always turns towards Thee. O Creator and Sustainer! Keep us alive with peace, and let us enter the Home of Peace (Paradise). O Lord! O possessor of awe and honour! You are sublime and bounteous. So be it O’Lord

Islam Religion of Peace – Sayings of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

You will not enter Paradise until you believe,

And you will not believe until you love one another,

And you will not love one another until you promote peace among you.

Dr.Ameer Ali’s Address to the Muslim Women Conference

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My Dear Sisters and Brothers

At the outset I must confess that I am a controversial person. I say things that many, especially those in the orthodox camp of Islamic thought, will find difficult to digest. But my thoughts are the product of long years of research and reading and are intended to create critical thinking about our received wisdom. My views on Muslim women represent the yearnings of a person who wants to see the one half of the Muslim community, which is also responsible for bringing up the other one half to this world, liberate itself from centuries of male dominance, deprivation, and discrimination imposed by a patriarchal culture championed by an orthodox clergy.

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Muslim Women Making A Difference Towards An Integrated Society

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Men and women from the members of the Australian community and dignitaries who have strong affiliations with the Muslim community participated on the first day of the conference.  The program commenced with the traditional ‘Welcome to the Country’ by Aunty Kerry Lennis.

This was followed by recital of Surah Rahman by Imam Abdul Kader of Guildford Mosque.

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Muslim Women’s National Network of Australia, Inc.

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Report for the period 2008 to 2009 

MWNNA’s goals and objectives are to:

  1. improve Muslim women’s capacity to represent their interests in Australia, particularly in relation to gender disadvantage and discrimination;
  2. enhance understanding of governance issues including accountability and transparency;
  3. improve networks and alliances between MWNNA , Muslim women and other women’s organisations;
  4. participate in interfaith dialogue.
  5. promote a positive image of Muslim Women in Australia.

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  • Networking between Muslim women of all ethnic groups throughout Australia. MWNNA has close contacts with Muslim women ’s groups interstate & overseas.
  • Representing the views of Muslim women to Federal, State and Local Government and to government agencies throughout Australia; helping to bridge the cultural gap between Muslim and non-Muslim communities and between communities and government agencies.
  • Holding information workshops and seminars to inform Muslims and non-Muslims of religious and cultural issues which affect Muslim women in Australia. Hosting local and overseas speakers to advise and inform participants about the Islamic view on topical issues.

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