• Networking between Muslim women of all ethnic groups throughout Australia. MWNNA has close contacts with Muslim women ’s groups interstate & overseas.
  • Representing the views of Muslim women to Federal, State and Local Government and to government agencies throughout Australia; helping to bridge the cultural gap between Muslim and non-Muslim communities and between communities and government agencies.
  • Holding information workshops and seminars to inform Muslims and non-Muslims of religious and cultural issues which affect Muslim women in Australia. Hosting local and overseas speakers to advise and inform participants about the Islamic view on topical issues.
  • Providing educational advice and to Islamic and non-Islamic schools and educational institutions.
  • Sponsoring English language classes for NESB Muslim women in conjunction with TAFE Outreach
  • Providing speakers on Islamic issues to interested groups and organisations.
  • Supporting research on Muslim minority communities
  • Providing culturally appropriate counselling in cases of family breakdown.
  • Contributing to Australian media on Islamic issues
  • Interfaith activities, working with the Uniting Church and Roman Catholic Church to explore common issues.
  • Producing a quarterly newsletter of local Muslim news and issues of importance to Muslim women.
  • Prison and hospital visitings

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